Polyester cloth waterproof motorcycle cover

Short Description:

The function of the motorcycle cover is to protect themotorcycle during the period when it is not in use. This cover is made of polyester and silver coated on the back, which is waterproof and UV resistant to resist the damage of ultraviolet rays and rain to the car body. And with a variety of models and colors, it will always meet your needs.

Product Detail


Product Tags

Product  advantage Waterproof, sun-proof,easy to carry,anti-thief.








【Product parameters】


Product  Size

200*90*100cm / 1.8m electric car, 50cc scooter220*95*110cm /2m length scooter 125cc-150cc scooter230*95*125cm / 125cc and 150cc with a length of about 2 meters 1 without tail box245*105*125cm /125cc and 150cc riding bikes with tail box

265*105*125cm / Suitable for large motorcycles about 2 meters in length

295*110*140cm /Oversized motorcycle with a length of about 2 meters 6

Product  Material

300D polyester cloth back side coated with silver / reflective tape + waterproof strip

Product  color

Top black and bottom silver, all black, full silver, top black and bottom light blue, top black and bottom dark blue.Top black and bottom fluorescent green, top black and bottom red, top black and bottom orange, top black and bottom apple green.The lake is green on the upper black, purple on the lower black, pink on the lower black.Top black and bottom yellow, top black and bottom coffee


Product  number SCG-C01C




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