Lint Thickening Car Sun-proof Car Cover

Short Description:

The main function of the car cover is sun protection, keeping the car away from direct sun damage to the surface of the car body, and waterproof to prevent rain from corroding the car body. And this cover chooses thick cotton wool to make it more effectively to avoid other people and the car from scratching the car.

Product Detail


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Product  advantage  Sun-proof,rainproof,waterproof.


Product usage Protection car body



【Product parameters】


Product Size

2S: Hatchback (less than 3.9M in length) /2M: hatchback (length 3.9-4.1M)/2L: Hatchback (4.1-4.3M in length)/2XXL: Hatchback (4.3-4.4M in length)/3S: Sedan (under 4.25M in length)/3L: Sedan (4.5-4.6M in length)/

3L+: sedan (length 4.6-4.75M)/3XL: sedan (4.75-4.9M in length)/

3XXL: Sedan (length 5-5.25M)/YS: SUV (car length 4-4.2M)

YM: SUV4(Carlength 3-4.55M)/YL: SUV (vehicle length 4.55-4.7M)/

YXL: SUV (vehicle length 4.7-4.8M)/YXXL: SUV (vehicle length 4.8-5.2M)

Product Material

Thick PEVA lint.
Product number SCG-C63




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