Studio Set Up

With the development of our trade and the expansion of the company’s business, we build our own studio for model photography and also as the place for live show on The studio is 12 square meters. It includes working ceiling, lamp board and lamp board frame, floor, wall and roof, door, ventilation and exhaust. There are two Goldenshell 1000 w mono head shooting lights and one soft light in the studio, the lights can come from both sides and the top, the top shooting light is a consecutive one which maintains the brightness and offers the soft light during the photography, and the two side-way shooting lights offer flash lights which are adjustable. In this way, the body shape of the model can be captured clearly and the customers can get the chance to know about our products better. In addition to the complete photography equipment, there is a quite responsible and professional photographer who is familiar with the equipment and obtains the ability to take good shootings. With the foundation of this studio, our photographer is able to take pictures of various products, including the camping tents, hiking bags, sleeping bags and inflatable air sofas. Also, we have made several live shows in this studio.

Post time: Aug-06-2020