190T polyester air chair sofa inflatable bed

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This air chair sofa inflatable bed is ideal for sitting when you go to the beach or go camping. Its material is 190T polyester. It’s soft and easy to carry. There’s a membrane inside to prevent air leakage.

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Model No.: SCG-OD07

 The model number of this tent is SCG-OD07, which is an inflatable air sofa for 2-3 people. The fabric of this air sofa is 190T polyester, which is waterproof. The air sofa bed needs to be built. There’s a mouth on the top where you can blow the air inside to make it stand, and the mouth is divided into two parts, which allows you to inflate it from both sides. Here we have the size of this inflatable air sofa: the length is 180cm, the height is 63cm.In addition, we can customize the logo according to your requirements.

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There’s membrane inside and the opening mouth is divided into two parts.


Product physical map:

This is our real photo for this inflatable air sofa. There are many colors to choose from, which include red, blue, green, pink, black, yellow, purple and light blue. As you can see, our sofa is durable and of high quality. They can be used on the beach, the grassland, by the lake and even in the near sea.It also got rid of the heavy traditional furniture, which makes it suitable to be placed indoor and outdoor.After deflating, the volume is compact, it’s very convenient to carry and collect,trendy and comfortable are what it goes with.Nowadays, the inflatable sofa with profusion of color, glittering and translucent get rid of appears, peculiar form, chic modelling receives the welcome of fashionable gens widely.


Product packaging diagram:

Our packing is quite small one, which is convenient for you to carry.We have attached a photo for your reference:



Product advantages:

1.Easy to carry. The sofa that adopts the form such as fold, pile-up or set makes full use of vertical space, reduces the occupying area that plane spreads out, and achieves the purpose that saves plane, will then cause the full use of a space thereby.

2.Soft material. It must be based on the right scale, reasonable structure and excellent materials, and its shape must conform to different human functions, so as to produce a comfortable feeling.

3.Variable places available.

4. Logo can be customized.

5. The air sofa is of high quality.


【Product parameters】



190T polyester 


red, blue, green, pink, black, yellow, purple, light blue


Outdoor Camping Hiking Travelling/swimming/home


Sleeping Bag + Quilt + Cushion


Customized Logo


Outdoor Inflatable Sleeping Bag

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